sad good time meaning and definition

sad good time meaning

A time spent laughing your pathetic life. You are so depressed, that it's funny and your sadness turns into a good time, hence the name.

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sad grandpa meaning and definition

Sad grandpa is to be said when anyone is getting ready to change. It is a sign to all other people in the room that clothes are getting ready to fly, and to close all doors and to look away if you don't want to see "the goods."

sadgry meaning and definition

Something so sad it makes you angry.

Sadgurn meaning and definition

A boy who escaped from a Somalian ghetto early in his life. After working his way through many pirate crews and serving many brutal warlords he eventually escaped to Australia, where his tragic tale of heroism is constantly belittled by his asshole friends.

sad guy meaning and definition

someone real pathetic, generally a mate

sad hair meaning and definition

A popular hairstyle amoung hipsters, such as emo kids or goths. The bangs hang down and cover at least one of the eyes, often times extending below the cheekbone, and even covering up the 3/4 of the face in extreme cases. This forces the hipster to brush the hair out of his eyes in a very woeful manner with a flick of the wrist, showing everyone how hard his life is because even his hair doesnt like him, making him sad. The hair is usually jet black, greasy, and flat. It is a very popular hairstyle with emo, goth, indie, and industrial bands. It is not a gender-specific hairstyle, although on men it tends to be more noticeable.