seke meaning and definition

seke meaning

A slang word usually used in yaoi (male/male intimate relationships) culture, made by combining the Japanese terms "seme" (the dominant one) and "uke" (the submissive one). It describes a person that enjoys both positions in a relationship and moves between the two based on his mood, the mood of his partner, and the situation itself.

seke meaning

It means you can either be uke or seme in a male/male "relationship"... Uke meaning submissive, seme meaning dominant...

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It's an korean word meaning. Bitch

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1. Spelling error on the word "sex". 2. Used to say something is cool.

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In international aviation, SELCAL or SelCal is a selective-calling radio system that can alert an aircraft's crew that a ground radio station wishes to communicate with the aircraft.

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Moslty white town with many people that think they live in "the hood." Sniffing pills is a right of passage and you probably still wear South Pole. If you are 20-30 years old you still "rep" Selden even though it makes you a loser, but you do not care because you live in Selden.