seks meaning and definition

seks meaning

1. Spelling error on the word "sex". 2. Used to say something is cool.

seks meaning

Dutch for sex

seks meaning

scene/emo kid. 1. A SEK is most commonly seen at open mics and small, underground shows. A SEK is most commonly male. He is normally seen with a group of girls wearing mini-skirts over spandex leggings, which are usually cut mid-calf. If you're lucky, you'll see a SEK wearing colossal white-rimmed sunglasses and little hair barrettes. A SEK always wears stylish pants. A vast majority of the SEK population rocks the chick-pants. SEKs vary in personality, so even though they dress like most everyone else on MySpace, you should probably try to be friends with them.

seks meaning

Norwegian for the number six (6)

seks meaning

SonderEinsatzKommando A special squad from the german police forces comparable to the SWAT-Team. Those guys are summoned to handle armed bank robberies or any incident with hostages - and the like. Equipped with body armor and the most modern assault rifles existing in Germany at any given time. The requirements to enter the SEK as well as the wages are pretty high.

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SELCAL meaning and definition

In international aviation, SELCAL or SelCal is a selective-calling radio system that can alert an aircraft's crew that a ground radio station wishes to communicate with the aircraft.

selcouth meaning and definition


Selden meaning and definition

Moslty white town with many people that think they live in "the hood." Sniffing pills is a right of passage and you probably still wear South Pole. If you are 20-30 years old you still "rep" Selden even though it makes you a loser, but you do not care because you live in Selden.

selective breeding meaning and definition

When a farmer tosses off a male cow and gets the jizz and injects it into a female cow.

Selenator meaning and definition

A fan of Selena Gomez, someone who loves and supports her through everything and will always be there for her.