shiba meaning and definition

shiba meaning

the Korean word for "Fuck". Usually said like, "Bah, SHIBA!"

shiba meaning

Word that describes hatred. Used when you've done something wrong or angry.

shiba meaning

Shiba or shibas means thing or things. The more common use is two or three shibas (shiba, shiba, shiba..), which means, shut up, or just a dismissive be quiet, that's enough. (depending on the tone of voice you say it in.)

shiba meaning

a type of marijuana

shiba meaning

Really gay dude from Brooklyn, NY. He jacks off to elvis.

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Shiba Inu meaning and definition

Satan's dog. They will scream if you dont give them what they want,escape whenever the fuck they want because they're good at jumping and digging,bite you with their huge fucking teeth, and ruin your life

shibal meaning and definition

fuck you in korean

Shieldmaiden meaning and definition

1. A shieldmaiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology;2. A woman who sings for a heavy metal or hard rock band.

shiggy meaning and definition

Off-trail terrain popular in hashing, typically consisting of brush, brambles, mud, and stream crossings.

SHIKA meaning and definition

Shika is a term used worldwide especially in the Asian community. Shika simply means sexy - attractive - stud - handsome - pretty - sexual - beautiful / basically all the terms to point out the attractiveness of a person in just one word "shika"