shiba meaning and definition

shiba meaning

the Korean word for "Fuck". Usually said like, "Bah, SHIBA!"

shiba meaning

Word that describes hatred. Used when you've done something wrong or angry.

shiba meaning

Shiba or shibas means thing or things. The more common use is two or three shibas (shiba, shiba, shiba..), which means, shut up, or just a dismissive be quiet, that's enough. (depending on the tone of voice you say it in.)

shiba meaning

a type of marijuana

shiba meaning

Really gay dude from Brooklyn, NY. He jacks off to elvis.

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shibacle meaning and definition

Coined in April 2010 by "Prime Time" Deion Sanders, shibacle refers to a scenario where a social or business exchange takes place that is totally lopsided and unfairly skewed toward one of the parties involved (possibly unbeknownst to the fool that is getting taken for a ride). It is a combination of shit, shitty, or shittily and debacle. Shibacle.

SHibada meaning and definition

1)An expression you use when you are at a loss for words. 2) an expression used for a hot guy

Shibadeebaheebadees meaning and definition

N.-A sudden feeling of shiversN.-A feeling of awe.

shibadiznit meaning and definition

Anything u want it to be mostly used as cool, awesome, the shit, or off the heezay.

Shibadowski meaning and definition

a word used in a moment of great joy or surprise.