shibadiznit meaning and definition

shibadiznit meaning

Anything u want it to be mostly used as cool, awesome, the shit, or off the heezay.

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Shibadowski meaning and definition

a word used in a moment of great joy or surprise.

SHIBAF meaning and definition

SHIBAF means "Should Have Initially Bought A Ford".

shibaggle meaning and definition

1. Going to a party, get-together, or event. 2. Leaving/getting out of a party, get-together, or event. 3. Casual-sex.

shibai meaning and definition

Drama, bitching, etc. Hawai'i local slang from Japanese 芝居.

Shiba Inu meaning and definition

Satan's dog. They will scream if you dont give them what they want,escape whenever the fuck they want because they're good at jumping and digging,bite you with their huge fucking teeth, and ruin your life