shibal meaning and definition

shibal meaning

It's a fucking word that's generally considered distasteful and rude. Just because someone says "Oh its a lot like the word 'Fuck' " Doesn't fucking mean that you can say "HEY GURL LET ME SHIBAL YOU", Cuz IT DOESNT FUCKING MAKE SENSE.Maybe, JUST MAYBE most foreign words have absolutely nothing to do with the English language. Have you ever thought of that dickhole?

shibal meaning

Despite common belief by crackers and niggers, shibal does not actually have meaning. It is a Korean word used mostly in place for the word "fuck" and "shit" in English when something goes wrong. Not to be confused with the verb "fuck." Sometimes it is used as a prefix to some swear words such as shibalnom and shibalsekki.

shibal meaning

literally "shit" in Korean. however, its as bad as fuck or goddamn.

shibal meaning

fuck you in korean

shibal meaning

one of the most popular and frequently-used corean swear world, roughly meaning 'fucking'. but one can pretty much use this word at any part of a sentence. 'shib' means 1. n. vagina 2. v. to have a sex, to fuck (a woman) '-(h)al' is a suffix that turns a word into an adjective. there are some variations to the pronunciation such as sshi-ba(r)l, ssi-ba, shi-pal, etc.

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shibalik meaning and definition

a cricket freak that hangs around Nikhils talking about runescape all day.

Shiballs meaning and definition

A combination of the word shit and balls. Used commonly to express surprise or confusion.

shibalsae meaning and definition

Synonym of shibal "bird of shibal" usually to offend or insult someone or something

Shibalyo meaning and definition

Korean language; romanized. It means "Fuck you."

Shibam meaning and definition

1. When you slap a slow walking person on the back of the head. 2. A nickname for a kid named Shivam