soggy biscut meaning and definition

soggy biscut meaning

A circle masturbation in which every one ejaculates on a cookie. The last person to cum is forced to eat the cookie.

soggy biscut meaning

a group of men jack off on a biscut, the last to come must eat the biscut

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Soggy Bottom Boys meaning and definition

A band created by the main characters in "O Brother, Where Art Thou". Consisted of three white, escaped convicts and a black guitarist who sold his soul to the devil for guitar skills. Known for the songs "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow" and " In The Jail House Now".

soggy sao meaning and definition

when guys sit in a circle masturbating with a sao (biscuit) in the middle. All the guys cum on the sao and the last guy to cum on the sao has to eat it

Soggy Sasha meaning and definition

When you come in a girls eye and make her cry it out.

soggy sayo meaning and definition

a game where usually 4 men stand around a sayo and wank around it. The first man to cum has to eat it.

Soggy Shoe meaning and definition

a soggy shoe is when a male masturbate and releases his fluids into a person's shoe right before he/she puts it on. and then they put it on with cum all on the inside