Two Kids in a Sandbox meaning and definition

Two Kids in a Sandbox meaning

The single most disgusting video on the web, in which a dude gets a dildo shoved in his penis.

Two Kids in a Sandbox meaning

The most disturbing video a guy could watch; a video that shows a women shoving a dildo down a man's penis.

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Two kids One sandbox meaning and definition

An internet video with a similar legend to two girls one cup, in which a woman lays on top of a man and proceeds to shove a dildo down the mans urethra while he moans in the pleasure of pain.

TYSM meaning and definition

TYSM is a word one uses when Michelle Obama tries to push her eggplant lasagna on you

über anal piledriver meaning and definition

a sexual position that is like the anal piledriver, except that the man massages the woman's G-spot with his fingers while fucking her in the ass; it is called the über anal piledriver because it goes above and beyond the anal piledriver (German über means above or super)

uber and chill meaning and definition

It means that you are going to Uber over to your partners house and fuck with Netflix in the background.

U2 meaning and definition

An Irish Rock Band- there are 2 well known definitions. 1)Releasing many successful albums over 2 decades and continuing to perform their beautifully constructed songs with passion and a complete genuine belief in their lyrics- one of the greatest rock bands of our time. some people (usually people who dislike Bonoand are so busy calling him a pompous self righteous arse that they fail to realise that they themselves are behaving like pompous self rightous arses.....or people who are half deaf) would use this definition for U2- 2)U2 r a overrated sucky Irash band wiv know talunt. Whhadayamean I cant sppell? I can sppell as gud as I can revew moosic... Definition number one is probably the more popular of the two. Mainly because it is the most accurate one.