U-Barn Dictionary meaning and definition

U-Barn Dictionary meaning

When a person with a Southern Accent refers to this site.

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ubaroo meaning and definition

Ubaroo is the leet king of leet world. Google Ubaroo :) every result is me :0

UBAT meaning and definition

User Being a Twat (UBAT) Acroynm for a computer user being completely stupid.

ubata meaning and definition

Ubata chicken wings, ubata cheeseburgers. Ubata means better than uber, it's top notch.

UBAW meaning and definition

Ugly bitch ass whore

ubayd meaning and definition

Etymology unknown, but mostly likely derived from latin Ubaydus meaning hairy camel trader. It reamins a popular, yet highly offensive profanity used widely across Europe and the Near East to describe any shifty individual. Recently ubayds have strayed from their nomadic lifestyle to wreck havock on the streets of London where they engange in increasingly chavish behaviour. Although frequently mistaken with kurds, the resemblance they bare lies only in their aesthetics. Despite their chavish behaviour, tribal traditions remain at the centre of ubaydian the lifestyle. While walking down the street they have frequently been observed singing their tribal songs or on the occasion even attempting to retail their dire herd of camels to a helpless punter (usually japanese tourist) at incredidbly inflated prices. Due to excessive poaching the ubayed is now considered an endangered species and moves further and further up the world wildlife foundations endangered species list on a near daily basis. Please be vigilant against those who try to catch stray ubayds for hunting trophies and report them on the national ubayd hotline: 0800-689-342


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