Ubber Pissed meaning and definition

Ubber Pissed meaning

the feeling a mom gets which is so utterly indescribable that the only word that sums up how incredibly ticked she is at her children is summed up by...ubber pissed!!!!!!

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Ubber Pwnage meaning and definition

A slightly intese moment of pwnage. Also refers to owning of chencho's mother

UBC meaning and definition

The term U.B.C.S stands for Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Services from the Resident Evil video games.They're owned by the Umbrella Corporation and are a different unit from the Umbrella Special Forces Unit (HUNK's unit, also known as the Umbrella Security Service) and specializes in rescue operations during biohazard outbreaks. Although they've been very successful in every operation, due to their high mortality rate the unit is comprised almost exclusively of convicted war criminals and mercenaries for hire from around the world that served their national militaries and joined the UBCS as an alternative to capital punishment for any crimes they may have been caught committing. The unit is comprised of almost 120 operatives, divided between four platoons (with two or three squads per platoon).

ubchub meaning and definition

A jerk; an 'uber dick' who's a miserable and whiny asshole. A person that has a permanent scowl and consumed by his/her own self importance. The consummate complainer who never has a word of praise; a real negative Nancy. A person that is the centre of their own universe.

UBD meaning and definition

An acronym referring to Uncontrollable Boner Disease. Victims are subject to getting a boner from pretty much everything, including (but not limited to) head pats, colorful lights, the smell of delicious food, or watching tv.


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