Uber Douchebagery meaning and definition

Uber Douchebagery meaning

The bastard child of the coupling of (The Super Douche) - "Jeresy shorians" and the (Double Douche) - any one that lives in Newport Beach, is over 60 and idolizes the musical stylings of Jimmy Hopper.

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Uber Doucher meaning and definition

He who goes above and beyond the call of douchie. Usually found in large social gatherings wearing an Affliction or Ed Hardy t-shirt.

uberdouchery meaning and definition

uberdouchery is used as a disease, when a male takes the term douche to a whole new level.

Uberdrainage meaning and definition

Urinating frequently for a prolonged period of time usually around the length of 4-5 minutes.

Uber Driver meaning and definition

Uber is a ridesharing service based in San Francisco. The company uses a smartphone application to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.

uber drizunk meaning and definition

The state one is in after having consumed a copious amount of booze. More drunk than drunk, sloshed, shitfaced.


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