Uber-callipygian meaning and definition

Uber-callipygian meaning

A perfect figure on a woman would be something like 36-24-36. The word callipygian is a female with nice rounded buttocks. Such a person would have measurements similar to those stated above. An uber-callipygian woman would have measurements like 34-24-40. An uber-callipygian woman would be quite dominant with her rounded buttocks.

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Uber Camper meaning and definition

1. An advanced camper, someone that knows nothing about getting kills outside of camping, and seems to have never actually ran around the map and attacked anyone before, or at least did once and either kept getting pwnd or took up being a noob tuber.2. A more "experienced" camper.

ubercarney meaning and definition

Pabst drinking, wrench flinging, steel toe wearing, often swearing, flame throwing, playa going, shizzle-phat, pyro-nut.

ubercazs meaning and definition

a smooth operator, too cool for school.

ubercharge meaning and definition

A skill that the medic in "Team fortress 2" has. It makes your healing target invulnerable for a short period of time.

uber chav meaning and definition

uber chavs are the kinda chavs you see mooching around looking for people`s days to ruin they may be seen running over pet cats,throwing milkshakes at the elderly,threatening emos with knives or putting dogs into sacks and burning them they can`t be separated from the normal chav (homo-inferior) usually until its to late and they've already phoned up there pikey mates to help them out,knowing they need at least 18 people to tackle a single "goff"


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