Uberdorkevity meaning and definition

Uberdorkevity meaning

Uberdorkevity 1. being super beyond dorky.2. even the most dorky people would think you are a dork

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Uberdotious meaning and definition

Something that is really awesome, great, cool, etc. An emotion that consists of a mixture of excitement, happiness, joy, etc.

uber douche meaning and definition

When someone has reached such an incredible level of douchiness, it is almost unfathomable and is completely unbearable to others. King of all douche bags. The scientific name for schmucks who roll up in public wearing wife-beaters or oversized jeans. Can also be found wearing sunglasses in nightclubs and/or sun-visors on backwards and upside down. These people should be drug outside and shot in the stomach, then used as speed bumps to prevent any neon-toting lowrider crap-mobiles from infesting the neighborhood and lowering property values.

Uber Douchebagery meaning and definition

The bastard child of the coupling of (The Super Douche) - "Jeresy shorians" and the (Double Douche) - any one that lives in Newport Beach, is over 60 and idolizes the musical stylings of Jimmy Hopper.

Uber Doucher meaning and definition

He who goes above and beyond the call of douchie. Usually found in large social gatherings wearing an Affliction or Ed Hardy t-shirt.

uberdouchery meaning and definition

uberdouchery is used as a disease, when a male takes the term douche to a whole new level.


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