Ubiquitous meaning and definition

Ubiquitous meaning

1. adj, everywhere, omni-present, always occuring

Ubiquitous meaning

Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time.

Ubiquitous meaning

1: an awesome version of 'common' 2: omnipresent

Ubiquitous meaning

a) adj- part of popular culture b) opposite of esoteric

Ubiquitous meaning

Pronounced "ubaqueetus"Synonym for sharkiesha, otherwise known as a soul sucking punch.

Ubiquitous meaning

existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time

Ubiquitous meaning

First Person Gaming style developed by Ubi, where the player is always moving and controling the entire map or playground. Combined with "aim" this is a powerful technique

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ubiquitous microcephaly meaning and definition

adj. - found everywhere; pervasive medical term - small head implying small brain- a descriptive term meaning "small brains are found everywhere and persist".

Ubiquitous Porcupine meaning and definition

A person who is always around, usually with spiky hair-hence the porcupine. Every corner, every hallway. There is no escaping the uncomfortable eye contact and awkward conversation intrusions. Wherever you go, there will always be a ubiquitous porcupine that you will never escape from.

Ubiquitous Red Cup meaning and definition

A generic 16 ounce red colored disposable plastic cup. Typically utilized at high school or college house parties where underage drinkers are illegally consuming alcohol. The Ubiquitous Red Cup is often utilized individually by underage drinkers or ten Ubiquitous Red Cups are grouped into a pyramid for a game of beer pong. The Ubiquitous Red Cup often contains cheap beer such as Natural Light or cocktails consisting of Coke or Pepsi products mixed with small amounts of cheap brand vodka, rum, or whiskey. Part in fact, that most high school and college partygoers cannot afford large amounts of premium alcohol.

UBIQUITOUS SYNERGY SEEKER meaning and definition

Fronted by master craftsman Ash Boo-Schultz(vocals, guitar and ehru) and turntablist hype man extraordinaire Human Kebab, this Toronto based duo demonstrate a remarkable proficiency for erupting dance floors and eliciting widespread audience sing a longs.

Ubiquity meaning and definition

Omnipresent; An existence or perceived existence of being everywhere at once.


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