ubchub meaning and definition

ubchub meaning

A jerk; an 'uber dick' who's a miserable and whiny asshole. A person that has a permanent scowl and consumed by his/her own self importance. The consummate complainer who never has a word of praise; a real negative Nancy. A person that is the centre of their own universe.

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UBD meaning and definition

An acronym referring to Uncontrollable Boner Disease. Victims are subject to getting a boner from pretty much everything, including (but not limited to) head pats, colorful lights, the smell of delicious food, or watching tv.

Ubda Scum meaning and definition

ubda Scum: A racial term used to describe African Americans that are anti-white, rebellious to social norms, disrespectful, loud, and obnoxious. This may also include those who think their car stereo is the sole purpose of their creation, and dress with their pants closer to their ankles than waist. In some cases it appears they steal clothes from severly obese people. I mean seriously buy something that FITS. Also they do not know how to communicate in proper English, and have a blatant disregard to authority. Basically it’s a term for ubda's whereas white-trash honkey ass cracker is for whites. Kinda the same thing.

ubdle meaning and definition

when a baby throws up its kidneys.

Ub Dub meaning and definition

The case in which a small duck happens to float in your bathtub. Depending on whether or not this said duck is made of rubber or flesh and duck organs and etc., there is no threat of danger.


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