uberds meaning and definition

uberds meaning

1. contraction for "uber nerds" 2. uber nerds are usually found playing WoW or with their noses in a Star Wars novel 3. most uberds have never seen a woman naked

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uber duber meaning and definition

an extremely polish person. less insulting than polok, but more insulting than polish. these are usually the ones who live in america but only speak polish.

Uber Dump meaning and definition

A shit amongst shits. also referred to as "the Alpha Shit". A long, fat, juicy turd among a cluster of turd nuggets.

Uberdyke meaning and definition

Lesbian to the EXTREME...

überection meaning and definition

1. A masssive boner. An "uber erection." 2. An erection to an "uber" event, especially in a game. Usually does not comply with the sexual orientation of the person exclaiming such a term. 3. An erection to a german girl.

Ubered meaning and definition

Derived from the word Uber; This word means to beat someone in any game without them barely having a chance at winning.


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