Viggo meaning and definition

Viggo meaning

the hot-ass man that plays the Gondorian King and the cowboy AND that sexy artist dude (A Perfect Murder)See also: viggolicious

Viggo meaning

verb: to viggo, to be viggoed To be overwhelmed with lust in response to the manly perfection that is Viggo Mortensen. To drool uncontrollably.

Viggo meaning

To be a loner, alone.

Viggo meaning

to viggo someone - being an annoying smartass who constantly second guesses everything you do, but has only crap to say

Viggo meaning

noun 1- middle aged man playing a mortal king 2- one who eats roadkill

Viggo meaning

A "scary" man, in the 1740 in iceland there was a mass murderer called but his real name was Fibilvinze Viggó. Viggó is now a name in icelandic and is very common.

Viggo meaning

He who eats grass

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Viggoism meaning and definition

n,a philosphy based on the writings of 21st century poet/artist Viggo Peter Mortensen JR .ie... acult of sexual aberration whose adherents were mainly from a WWW site

viggolicious meaning and definition

a term that can only describe how deliciously lovely Mr. Mortensen is :)

Viggo moment meaning and definition

a moment when you stare off into space, often deep in though named after Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen meaning and definition

He plays the hottest king ... ever. (Aragorn) In the LOTR Trilogy, movies based on J.R.R. Tolkiens books. SO hot.

Viggorgasm meaning and definition

This is when Viggo Mortensen gives you an orgasm whether it is in your fantasies, from watching the big screen, or if you are lucky enough to get physical with this cowboy.