Viggo Mortensen meaning and definition

Viggo Mortensen meaning

A gift from god (or whom ever you worship). Actor, Artist, Poet, Photographer. Has the ability to become every character he plays, and no two characters are the same. Movies include: J.I. Jane, Hidalgo, 28 Days, Lord of the Rings, The Crew, Indian Runner, Witness, Psycho, Crimson Tide.

Viggo Mortensen meaning

He plays the hottest king ... ever. (Aragorn) In the LOTR Trilogy, movies based on J.R.R. Tolkiens books. SO hot.

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Viggorgasm meaning and definition

This is when Viggo Mortensen gives you an orgasm whether it is in your fantasies, from watching the big screen, or if you are lucky enough to get physical with this cowboy.

viggorli meaning and definition

Fan fiction, fan art, photos, basically anything that relates to the belief held by many fangirls and boys that Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom are homosexual lovers.

Viggy meaning and definition

Always partial to having a good time and a drink...or ten causing some of the worlds craziest antics to occur. A fun-loving character who has the biggest heart although he can have various mood swings from time to time. Known to be a little clumsy now and then. This musical genius frequently gets lots of female attention which often makes some of the other girls jealous! Everybody wants to be his friend as he is an overall awesome, intelligent and lovable guy.

Viggybacking meaning and definition

Viggybacking is taking a video of a concert with a phone or camera when someone in front of you is also taking a video. You can then record the actual footage as well as the footage coming through the other person's crystal clear phone screen. While viggybacking may be inadvertent at the time, strategic viggybacking is great for short people who are standing behind tall people also taking videos.

Vigh meaning and definition

noun. a sigh that occurs in any popular chat program such as Ventrilo or Teamspeak in which one member of the opposite sex creates a nerdgasm in the other by sighing strongly enough to two towel or create a semi, but subtlely enough to be audible.verb. to create an audible sound in a popular chat program such as Ventrilo or Teamspeak, which causes a member of the opposite sex to soak their shorts.