viggie meaning and definition

viggie meaning

A term used for enough marijuana in a pipe for a single individual hit. Derived from the vidu (sounding like vigu) in the word individual.Also used to describe just plain old marijuana.

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viggle meaning and definition

Noun :A wiggly vaginaVerb: to viggle meaning to wiggle the flaps of the vagina

Viggo meaning and definition

A "scary" man, in the 1740 in iceland there was a mass murderer called but his real name was Fibilvinze Viggó. Viggó is now a name in icelandic and is very common.

Viggoism meaning and definition

n,a philosphy based on the writings of 21st century poet/artist Viggo Peter Mortensen JR .ie... acult of sexual aberration whose adherents were mainly from a WWW site

viggolicious meaning and definition

a term that can only describe how deliciously lovely Mr. Mortensen is :)