War on Poverty meaning and definition

War on Poverty meaning

Satirical government programs to help the needy. A joke built upon absurd ideas to reduce poverty. Based on Johnathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." This can also encompass with ways to win the "War on Drugs" and combat illegal immigration.

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war on terror meaning and definition

Futile. You don't wage war on an idea! Terrorism is not even a mindset. It's just a method of a group to get their message out to the world.

War on Women meaning and definition

An effort by many radical right-wing Republicans to suppress the rights of women

War Room meaning and definition

When a group of people in a room get turnt on the same subject and it pisses everyone in the room off

WASD Syndrome meaning and definition

When the first thing you do when you touch a keyboard is put your left hand on the keys W,A,S,D; the keys used for most FPS video games

wasdtastic meaning and definition

word used to descibe awesome fps in the most amazingly fucking way for a computer.


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