War on Women meaning and definition

War on Women meaning

When voters don't want to have to pay for other women's birth control and abortions; when voters and citizens believe that other women can purchase their own condoms, birth control pills and abortions. The term War on Women was a fictitious scenario and scare tactic invented by Leftists and Democrat strategists in an attempt to demonize and marginalize Republican political candidates for office.

War on Women meaning

1. An effort by many Democrats to suppress the constitutional rights -- namely freedom of speech -- of certain women when they dislike their political leanings. This includes using government agencies such as the IRS, FBI, OSHA and others, under the Obama Administration, to harass and intimidate female conservatives or Tea Party affiliated women, especially if they are Caucasian.2. An effort by Leftists and many Democrats to viciously slander any conservative or Republican female candidate -- for example, adding slurs and hate words to Mia Love's Wikipedia page, and saying Sarah Palin is a stupid bimbo who needs to eat shit, etc.3. The mindset of many of the Democrat establishment that most women are non-thinking horndogs who can't control their libidos (e.g. the Obamacare "OMG he's hot" ads in Colorado) and only care about what goes on from their waist down when voting (e.g. the "Vote like your lady parts depend on it" from the Obama re-election campaign).

War on Women meaning

An effort by many radical right-wing Republicans to suppress the rights of women

War on Women meaning

An effort by many Republicans to suppress the rights of women, especially abortion, contraception, and in some cases general women's health

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