war on terror meaning and definition

war on terror meaning

I don't know whether to fear a bunch of ragtag freedom fighters from another country, or my own government's 1984-style policies.

war on terror meaning

Futile. You don't wage war on an idea! Terrorism is not even a mindset. It's just a method of a group to get their message out to the world.

war on terror meaning

See bullshit, failure, lie.

war on terror meaning

(Noun) Syn.: war of terror The comically naive and profoundly ironic US government idea that waging a 20 year campaign of aerial bombardment, oppression and genocide against the people of a far-away country will, somehow, quell their previously fictions desire to do you harm. Widely known to be an excuse to steal oil from and impose military bases within Iraq. See also: WMD Genocide Shock and awe Tony B Liar George W Bush Hypocrisy Irony Autocrat Despot Resolution 1441 Lie

war on terror meaning

War On Terror: A futile war on an abstract term. Is in fact a oxymoron as surely war is a form of terror? Is completely self defeating as bombing people, invading their countries and taking their oil is a hardly a method for making people love the west and renounce violence. violence begets violence, an eye for an eye and the whole world is blind. If Iraq is revenge however, it is wayy out of proportion- 200,000 civilians dead for the 3000 dead on 9/11. And none of the terrorists were iraqi.

war on terror meaning

a political catch phrase that gives news media boobs like those in CNN and FOX News something to package up and present as entertainment for the armchair warriors to watch on TV and cheer while the economy continues its decline unnoticed.

war on terror meaning

Feels like something straight out of a D-rated comic book.

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