Xpecial meaning and definition

Xpecial meaning

League of legends competitive player and currently playing support for TSM. He is stated to be one of the best supports in North America and is the quiet one on the team. He is also a skilled ap player due to him playing mid lane for a previous team. He is the only person on the team who consistently follows his vlog dates other than possibly dyrus. He is called by teamates as a hamster and used to date the disbanded team siren's top laner yoonie. IKnown for his incredible janna shields and thresh flay escapes

Xpecial meaning

Mentally retarded to the highest degree. Often associated with narcissism, having no friends and being an asshole in general.

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xpectation meaning and definition

Present past tense of expectation

Xped meaning and definition

Short for a Ford Expediton

XPedophile meaning and definition

In online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, a high-level character who hangs around with newcomers, offering them items and gold.

Xpee meaning and definition

The experience you have at aiming your pee.

Xpek meaning and definition

A godly SNIPER from Xbox 360. Expecially on Call of Duty


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