yarak meaning and definition

yarak meaning

the turkish word for penis.You can call it people without them knowing what the fuck you are on about.

yarak meaning

Penis in turkish.Possibly a word most likely to be used by hormone crased teen boy thinking it's asolutely hilarious to walk around telling people they have small yaraks.Or by a turkish sex education teacher.. >:)!!!!

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yaranaika meaning and definition

1. "Shall we do it?" in Japanese. 2. a 2ch fad that came from a yaoi comic which featured an image of a man wearing a jumpsuit pulling down a zipper. This is commonly used in 2ch flashes with the head of Mona or some other 2ch mascot, often times with a speech bubble saying "Come On!" Is used occasionally at the american *chans but not as often.

yardage meaning and definition

something that takes a long time

yard bird meaning and definition

1. (Also) Today, used as a term to describe a person who like classic rock, from the blues, to rock & roll, to pop of the '60s, to '80s hair metal. Usu. one who enjoy only such music. 2. One who endulges in clothing fashions of the 1960s (e.g. mod) religiously. Coined from the name of '60s band The Yardbirds.

yard bling meaning and definition

Excessive lawn ornamentation.

Yaris meaning and definition

Literally translated, means "It's a Car." Manufactured by Toyota with a wimpy 1.5 liter 4 cylinder, squirrel-powered engine. Fun to drive and cheap to own.


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