Z0MGpwnz0rz meaning and definition

Z0MGpwnz0rz meaning

To completely and utterly destory someone in an online game.

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z0mgwtfbbqsauce meaning and definition

Used to describe events or happenings which are amazing or leave you speechless. z0mgwtfbbqsauce would literally spell out to: zoh-my-god what the fuck barbeque sauce. I am unsure of the origins of "bbq sauce" however I believe they add comic drama to the phrase.

z0mp meaning and definition

used by nixus regulars meaning rad or tottaly cool

z0r meaning and definition

Function: Suffix. Something you add to the ending of a noun, or any other part of speech, with the intention of being cool, but actually becoming a product of something unusual and misunderstood.

z0r3d meaning and definition

An additive ending to supremely 1337-ify your statement

z0red meaning and definition

As in, to get ownz0red, or to get dominated in a game or event.


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