Zabuza meaning and definition

Zabuza meaning

The most awsome ninja in an anime called naruto which completely pwns you soul and has a huge sword but gets owned by Kakashi

Zabuza meaning

Hidden Mist Ninja known os the deamon or devil of the Hidden Mist. Attempted to overthrow the Mizukage. Expert at the silent killing technique. Wields a giant sword and likes little boys. One of the seven shinobi swordsmen.

Zabuza meaning

Describes one that has a big sword and a strange interest in gender confused minors.

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zab zab meaning and definition

to come back to place of employment from lunch unable to speak properly(usually due to intoxication)

Zac meaning and definition

1. sex in jar. The most amazing person i know. one you love. forever

zacadeemus meaning and definition

#1. A man with hair like a fantastic horse. Often times, confused, all the time. Always found while tying his shoes. The "deemus" is a rare breed. He is always trying to steal other people's realms just to be greedy and get all the precious drops. He is the only man to live his entire life without drinking a glass of water. He is the greatest person you will ever meet. Are you nervous? Who is Zach Opex? HE DID? Zacadeemus's favorite thing to do is have his "arms wide open".#2. A confused man. A forgetful man. A sweetheart, but clueless. Will only talk to you via text. A nervous man. A nice man. A God loving man.

Zacariah meaning and definition

Zacariah's are funny (comical) good looking and cheeky they should run for prime minster as they seem to be able to charm the birds from the trees. They are kind and generous but don't like sharing sweets. They have big eyes and an honest and sincere face. They are also very prone to getting up to no good and are often the joker in the pack and when caught, the one with the most innocent face!!! Everyone should have a Zac as life would be boring without one

zacarias meaning and definition

Zacarias a person who is not afraid of taking chances although they might seem shy at first they are very out going and creative when u get to know them.