Zach Braff meaning and definition

Zach Braff meaning

(verb) to make someone feel like a winner even though they're being hustled or otherwise taken advantage of; to pimp or exploit someone without their knowledge.Derived from a 2013 Kickstarter campaign in which actor Zach Braff successfully convinced fans to donate over $3 million to fund his next movie, even though he had more than enough personal wealth, Hollywood connections, and white male privilege to do it himself.

Zach Braff meaning

(v) When a french kiss simulatneously engulfs your mouth nose and throat

Zach Braff meaning

Hot Jewish renaissance man. Zach Braff had quietly made audiences laugh on NBC's hilarious Scrubs until the release of Garden State, a film for which he wrote the screenplay for, starred in, directed himself in and produce the soundtrack for...all to critical acclaim (he's won a Grammy, an Independent Spirit Award, a National Board of Review award, and a Chicago Film Critics Association award). He's been dating Mandy Moore for some time.

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