Zachary meaning and definition

Zachary meaning

1)The most incredible guy in the world 2)Someone who will always be the arms to hold me 3)Someone who keeps his word 4)Someone who is very confident in himself but not arrogant 5)A man of integrity and respect 6)The one person who will always make me feel beautiful 7)The one who I will never get bored of talking to 8)Someone who puts his all into everything he does 9)My Best Friend in the whole world 10) THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!

Zachary meaning

Zachary is a Hebrew name that means The Lord Remembers. He's also a guy I know lol.

Zachary meaning

ZacharyThis typical boy is not like many. In fact he is far from others. Usually brown hair, brown eyes, athletic, tall and very very handsome. He is known to have and incredibly large penis and is very sexual but only in his mind. He is a very good listener and can easily joke around. He can play alot of sports naturally and mostly likes very athletic and/or pretty girls. He is not very picky and can easily be persuaded. His favorite colors are mostly like orange, green, red, or yellow. The sports he plays are mostly soccer, basketball or volley-ball. He can grow mostly up to 6 feet and when he finds something special, he holds on to it or else he gets his heart broken. Very attractive and sweet, kind, generous and caring man but watch out, around different people he will be different.

Zachary meaning

a really really nice guy who is a fantastic friend and can always count on!!!! He's always got your back!! :) hes fast and funny 2...XD

Zachary meaning

Is a name that defines a sweet, smart, loving, caring, gentle, passionate, understanding, giving, helpful, strong, funny, well-rounded, good person.

Zachary meaning

A very rare type of person who everyone likes and authority favors. He's very funny and comfortable with most people. He's fantastic but he doesn't take himself too seriously. He's a fun person who anyone would be lucky to have around.

Zachary meaning

ZacharyZachary is a man of refined taste, a brilliant conversationalist and a man who takes the time to see the beauty in things, moments and time. Zachary often displaces love with lust, thus creating heartbreak for himself and others when things fall apart. Zachary has a fearsome heart that only God drives, yet he has not learned to yield his trust in the Lord because the world is so attractive to him. Zachary is like Jacob wrestling with God until He blesses and there is nothing wrong with that. Zachary is very talented at learning and understanding both sides of a spectrum yet is confused on which path he should take. Zachary is a blessing to any and all he comes to be around and often soaks up the energy he is around, negative or positive. Not to worry though, something tells me Zachary will find his way home.

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