z0mg meaning and definition

z0mg meaning

Another meaning of omg used in internet online speech, and online games. Its more of a dramatic way of saying "omg!!" Pronounced "Zoh-my-god" basically same meaning just more dramatic.

z0mg meaning

When something is beyond saying OMG.

z0mg meaning

Z0MG is the model name of 11-inch macbook air, which were manufactured in 2011.

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Z0MGpwnz0rz meaning and definition

To completely and utterly destory someone in an online game.

z0mgwtfbbqsauce meaning and definition

Used to describe events or happenings which are amazing or leave you speechless. z0mgwtfbbqsauce would literally spell out to: zoh-my-god what the fuck barbeque sauce. I am unsure of the origins of "bbq sauce" however I believe they add comic drama to the phrase.

z0mp meaning and definition

used by nixus regulars meaning rad or tottaly cool

z0r meaning and definition

Function: Suffix. Something you add to the ending of a noun, or any other part of speech, with the intention of being cool, but actually becoming a product of something unusual and misunderstood.

z0r3d meaning and definition

An additive ending to supremely 1337-ify your statement


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