z0r meaning and definition

z0r meaning

To add leetness to a word

z0r meaning

A suffix that you stick to the radical of the wanted word to add some "leetness" to it.

z0r meaning

A suffix used mainly in the language of chatspeak. Closely related to x0r, z0r is usually a suffix to verbs, pwn in many cases. "Formal" chatspeak only allows z0r to be used as a suffix to pwn, any other word is considered 'unz0rable'. z0r creates an emphasis on the verb it is attached to. z0r is NEVER capitalized. Sometimes z0rz or z0rzez.

z0r meaning

A suffix to add l33tness to a noun or a verb, used in chatspeak. May be used when addressing freinds who are good at video games.

z0r meaning

A greeting used by uber people, mainly from the Soul Assassin guild.

z0r meaning

Function: Suffix. Something you add to the ending of a noun, or any other part of speech, with the intention of being cool, but actually becoming a product of something unusual and misunderstood.

z0r meaning

A Quake 3 movie, made by turael. It has a sequel (z0rs 2) and z0rs 3 is in production. It is quite possibly the best quake 3 vid made, ever.

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z0r3d meaning and definition

An additive ending to supremely 1337-ify your statement

z0red meaning and definition

As in, to get ownz0red, or to get dominated in a game or event.

z0riz000r meaning and definition

extension of -z0r, can be used at the end of many word. can be also spell -zorizooor, -zorizur ecc

z0rz meaning and definition

The word you use to be uber 1337 and to be used a suffix

z0z0 meaning and definition

Another way of saying x0x0. Mainly used by faggots. And by faggots we mean really close friends. Please, go ahead and use this with your faggots.


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