z0rz meaning and definition

z0rz meaning

a suffix to any word u like. used to show that your 1337 and to confuse nubs on games

z0rz meaning

Suffix. Generally added to other internet slang such as 'lol' for dramatic effect.

z0rz meaning

The word you use to be uber 1337 and to be used a suffix

z0rz meaning

z0rz is "elite" or "l33t" for sourcecode

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z0z0 meaning and definition

Another way of saying x0x0. Mainly used by faggots. And by faggots we mean really close friends. Please, go ahead and use this with your faggots.

z100 meaning and definition

Various radio stations, including one in NY and one in Portland, OR.

z1g0 meaning and definition

Hooray! Fuck You! Don't Kick My Dog! Brown Towels! That is hardcore! z1g0 is the most versatile word in the world. It means everything.

Z26 meaning and definition

Extremely shitty nudes.

z3 meaning and definition

Lamest BMW Sports coupe. Miata with a new badge. suXors.


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