zac choy meaning and definition

zac choy meaning

A Thug, Sometimes reffered to as a gangster, homang, homie, g or dude.

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Zac Craven meaning and definition

Zac Craven can beat queen creeks girls basket ball team. Big Fella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Craven Aid.

Zaceavel meaning and definition

A World of Warcraft Player on Dragonblight. Imba palas

Zac Gentle meaning and definition

a complete and utter fucking retard that doesn't understand sweet fuck all and still thinks he's funny when in fact he's really annoying the complete fucking shit out of people. No one likes him and we all hope he fucking dies one day.

Zac Griswold meaning and definition

Usually a white kid with a jew-fro, most of the time an ignorant asshole when around girls. Talks very little, and always very awkward. Also, he is usually into the gayest sport in the world; baseball.. ALso he wears shorts too small for him.

Zack Snyder meaning and definition

Anytime a person tells an elaborate story with no point or plot what so ever.